Becoming a Movie Reviewer

Becoming a movie reviewer sounds like the dream job: watching movies and writing about them for a living. While it is an enjoyable career path for those who choose it, it may not be as easy as it seems. Not only does a movie reviewer need to live and breathe movies, but they have to be able to analyse them, see them through a critical eye, and write it up in a language that people will not only understand, but make them want to see it, or not see it! It also involves watching all movies, regardless of your penchant, so a broad knowledge is essential, as well as patience.

Learning Popular Movie Genres

29 Jul 2021

If someone hopes to become a successful movie critic, then they need to learn the most popular genres. These can change over the years. For example, superhero films were once a niche genre but have gone on to dominate cinema screens in more recent years.

Got Enough of the Movies?

12 Mar 2020

So you have taken a look at what it means to be a movie critic, but what about casinos? A lot of people know about the movie industry but just how much do you know about iGaming and the ways it’s affecting different countries around the world today?

People have been reviewing cuisine, movies, and books for decades, but the latest craze in America now: online casinos.

Reviewing Online Casinos in America

There’s all kinds of ways to go about reviewing an online casino in the United States but the idea is always the same. As someone who’s about to review a casino, you’ll need to take a look at everything the site has to offer.

Start with examining how easy it is to register an account. What about the game library, how big or small is it? Is the site experiencing any glitches while you manoeuver through it? These are all key points you’ll want to include in your online casino review.

Stay Up to Date with New Online Casinos

It’s very important to be first to jump on a new casino platform and get a review out for it. With so many new platforms just in the United States, casinos are launching all the time and the possibilities are endless on what you can review. You can stay up to date on the latest with online casinos around the country by visiting

Tips for Becoming a Film Critic

5 Feb 2020

Besides having an undying passion for motion pictures, film critics need to have knowledge about acting in general to be able to give highly valuable reviews. All these skills can be learned as you progress as an amateur film critic. Get started by reviewing your favorite movie!

Getting Paid as an Online Movie Critic

8 Jan 2020

For those of us who love watching movies, becoming an online movie critic sounds like a dream comes true. Not only will you be free to watch any movie you like, but you will also get paid for it. Open your Youtube channel and get started today!